Those who have never experienced war have little idea of the horrors.

I am minded to also say, ‘There are no winners in war, just survivors’.

Wars are fought by the young but endured by all.
Wars are fought to feed the greed of big business and the ambitions of self serving politicians and seldom for the protection of your own.

Loss is part of war for those who have fought, and for those who waited for loved ones who never returned. War also wounds many. Only sometimes those wounds aren’t visible.

Losses from war includes everyone and everything.
Soldiers, fathers, mothers, children and kinfolk are just the human loss. War can also destroy a nation.

To lose a war will leave you in a mess of hurt and for the victor to exact their revenge. That revenge may include your country, home, family, possessions, any future you thought you had, and your God. To win a war can be equally as painful as someone has to pay for that war and that cost will be borne by all whether or not you supported a war not carried out in your name, one that was illegal, or served no purpose.

War will, however, leave big business intact, and those same fools that governed you making the same mistakes.

War also breeds discontentment, enrages some, and generates hate. It can split friends and family, it divides by status, politics, race, and religion.

On Killing
There is little joy in killing for many during war.
Some kill for an ideal, some in hate, some by following orders, but most kill in fear.

Except those who would kill to avenge the loss of loved ones.
Those I respect and get all Old Testament here. An eye for an eye.

I waged war in the service of my country and for money.
Some will be angry or revolted by that thought.
Like I care.
Homelessness brings about a powerful need to make money and my skill-set at that time was sought after.

From that war I was injured and dismissed.
However I still remember with fondness those I fought with and still lament those who died.

Incidentally, my injuries are not visible now.
Yet I still get inspected by demons during the night.
Do I deserve that? Probably.

Today’s world and how I hate it.
Yesterdays values have been forgotten and the pursuit of wealth over life rules most hearts.

There is no respect or caring for the elderly, the very young, males or female. Few care about the weak, the poor, the ill, or the disabled. Today you can be killed on a whim, or for a phone, or some other worthless reason, by the young and old alike. Or even by your government.

Now elderly, we as a couple have grown too wise to relax and we live in a state of enhanced vigilance. I ask you, is that any way to live in a ‘civilized’ society?
Us wondering what will happen when going for a walk, a drive, shopping, when socializing, or by simply opening your door to a caller.

To the reader I present a world of your making.
After all most of you voted for some fool in the past, and will do the same in the future.

Only bear this in mind.
I would happily piss on those who would carry on without doing something to right the wrongs that exist today. That’s aimed at the politicians and big business, but also at the blind pursuit of wealth and chattels over the welfare of others by the many I call, very dis-respectively but pointedly, SHEEPLE.

Paul Gray