My take on street weapons

So many to choose from yet the flavor on our streets is the blade.
Second to that comes the mob and death by a beating.
Only with them (but mainly within gangs) you’ll also find firearms.

Blades are a weapon of ambush and on our streets they are used to gain respect from their peers, a scary threat in robbery, and by the many mentally unstable or drug users we have around here.

With gangs, if you cut another rival gang’s member, you’re instantly elevated to some sort of lame stardom. Kill someone and promotion to God status is guaranteed. Even if it means you go to jail for a long, long time. With the hate rhetoric also in full swing today, it can also gain approval from your peers by attacking other races and religions.

A knife is an ambush weapon, deploy-able in seconds, fast in action, and deadly if you are skilled in its use. It’s that speed of deployment which is the key to it’s success.

As for you gun owners?
In close, instant combat, no warnings given, a gun owner will end up cut even if your weapon is in your hand (but not up into the aim) if the attacker gets within your personal space. Add someone on the rush towards you and guns seldom send attackers flying backwards as per Hollywood, thus momentum will carry them into you.

The Tueller drill so loved by some instructors is largely ineffective if the attacker is within your ‘public space’. Proponents claim that 21 feet is the nearest you want to allow anyone who may be armed and intent on doing you harm. My thoughts is 21 feet is WAY TOO CLOSE.

Are you familiar with the science of Proxemics?
It defines social space (but wasn’t drawn up with assailants in mind).
Intimate distance (0-2 ft)
Personal distance (2-4ft)
Social distance (4-12 ft)
Public distance (>12 ft)

For me, out of a setting I know and with people I trust, 12 feet plus is still my comfort zone. Outside on the streets, 12 yards (36 feet) is more like it. Double that if it’s dark.

Thinking about Tueller’s 7 yards (21 feet) between you and a possible assailant.
Average speed over the ground for average fitness 20-29 year olds
Walking speed 3 mph = 4.4 feet per second (21 feet takes 4.8 seconds)
Jogging speed 5 mph = 5.9 feet per second (21 feet takes 3.5 seconds)
A short rush ~15 mph = 22  feet per second (21 feet takes 0.9 seconds)

Now think about someone within your social space.
That’s 12 feet or less. Sidewalk distances.
San Francisco, City code, Neighborhood Residential streets are required to have a minimum sidewalk width of 12 feet.
Two seconds and they are upon you with a blade.
From the front, back or side, in well lit or dark areas.
Still confident you could beat all comers?
When would you deploy your weapon and take aim?
What if its two assailants from different quarters?

The only effective defenses against blades is situational awareness, distance or barriers. Seldom a gun, and even wearing a defense vest can’t stop head, neck, arm, and thigh strikes. Using less than lethal defense methods like PAVA, Pepper, or CS Gas is unpredictable AND all three take time to ‘bite’. As for air tasers? They fail too often for my liking.

So what’s left? You could go all Crocodile Dundee and pull out a HUGE blade to scare someone off. Only that time factor isn’t enough of a margin to unsheathe a monster blade and, I don’t know about you, I’m not nimble or skilled enough to ‘knife dance’ with another.

Personally I subscribe to the notion that EVERYONE is capable of using a blade.
Thus I follow the doctrine of “It’s the eye’s that show the intent, but it’s the hands that do the deed!”

So when someone approaches me who I don’t like the look of (and I shamelessly profile everyone), if I can’t see either of their hands I try to put distance between me and them. If they try to close that distance I’ve gained, I take no chances and after a quick assessment of their eyes (will usually confirm my suspicions) I strike quickly and hard.

aka Doing unto others before they do something to you.

With what? My two VERY heavy ash walking sticks.
One of the few advantages of being ancient and registered disabled.
I have the right to use them wherever I am.
Have I ever got that decision making wrong?
A few times, and I have been held accountable for my actions.

Yet, my judgement has been proven right on a couple of occasions and the battered wanna-be assailants with their weapons have been scooped up by paramedics and law enforcement. Funny enough those two services always seem to arrive AFTER the deed, NEVER before.

As for guns and claims that ‘I’m licensed and acting in self defense or that of others’.
Simply deploying one can be fraught with consequences.
As for actually using one?
You might like to think long and hard about doing that.
Even if it is in defense of others or yourself.

Your worst enemy AFTER the fact is the law.
Chances are you will be charged, possibly held for a while, suffer from media attention, have to engage lawyers, and go to court. Even if you are found completely innocent your case would have been of ‘public interest’ and cost you a pretty penny in legal bills.

Even then, the toe-rag’s family or the toe rag themselves could take out a private prosecution for damages or losses. Get the wrong judge and you will lose financially from compensation, and another set of legal fees.

Socially, in this woke world, you could find yourself losing your job, and moving away to maintain the safety of your family.

So far this reads like I could be anti guns. So lets put that one right.

No way in hell am I anti guns!

However, the system is stacked up BIG TIME against the law abiding.
Add some politicians aspirations of making an example, the media hell bent on proving your a stone cold killer, and the inevitable civil rights and woke attention?

Rather like in carpentry you measure twice before cutting.
With steel, think twice before deploying, and thrice before using it.