Preparing for whatever

Our modern world is so hung up on everything being electrical and electronic. Yet few think about how everything will grind to a halt without it. Including those who have generators as gas stations need electricity to pump fuel! Besides, how would you pay for gas if your plastic won’t work?

Water is a good example of that for us as all the mains water (and sewage) is pumped here and is very dependent on the national grid electricity supply reaching the towns two pumping stations.

That’s one of the penalties of living in a low, flat part of the country.
Our ASL (above sea level height)? 2.5 meters.

We have rain butts amounting to 260 liters as our emergency supply plus 36 liters of ‘commercially’ bottled water. For filtration we use gravity ceramic filters backed up with a dose of Chlorax (pool shock) into the water butts if rain isn’t plentiful.

The standing joke is fishing out tadpoles from the water butts before filtering. The wife gets paranoid about it, I say it adds to the flavor.

As for shooting?
Not a lot goes on around here as most of the preppers we know trap (snare, spring traps) and go fishing (the sea is only 400m away from us).

However, all of us use high power pellet guns for anything stupid enough to rear it’s head. Quieter than firearms they don’t attract any attention. Plus they are cheaper to ‘feed’.

As for ammunition?
My Current ‘ammo’ holdings? 10,000 (plus change) .22 pellets.
So you can probably guess, we aren’t going to starve soon with a goodly amount of game birds and wildfowl from the nearby sea marshes. In the main we don’t often pay for the substandard overpriced supermarket meats and fish.

We also have a pretty good vegetable patch and potatoes (dead easy to grow) form a large part of our diet.

As for money? LOL.
After taxes and bills, we bring in enough to NOT owe anything and have a couple of months worth of folding stuff put aside for emergencies. That’s about it.

Other folk obsess about money and have savings, portfolios, or whatever.
Way we figure it is when the power goes down, or the Gov close the banks, we’ve got the basics covered as credit cards are the first to fail when it all goes dark. Besides, if the banking systems shut down, we will have no way of paying their taxes!

As for the end of panic?
Another LOL and keep smiling!
General consensus is “Don’t worry, there will be another panic following this one”.
Just as soon as the government can dream something up.

Stay safe, get resourceful, and above all relax!
Because when TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as some see it) arrives.
The world will still be there afterwards for the resourceful among us to pick over.