The Grey Side Of Survival

Most preppers talk about foraging but seem to skip around the obvious.
That being when you need something to save life, (especially yours) you will have to get it from where you can, however you can.

Water, fuel, food, medical supplies, and the list goes on and on.
To live in a grid down scenario, away from your home or even IN YOUR HOME, you may have to go out and forage for what you need.

So isn’t it time you thought about acquiring a skill set that includes how to bypass security to get what you need?

Right about now, some are thinking “LOOTER!”
Okay, I can live with that.
Except I’m a survivor of homelessness and war. As a result, and over the years, I have built up a scary set of skills to enable me to gain entry into all but the most hardened of facilities / buildings.

Still, I invite you to pick up your survival manual(s) and turn to the chapter titled “How to force entry”.
What, there isn’t one! How dumb is that.
You learn how to rub sticks together and other skills like canning foods but (to preserve their fine upstanding reputations) no author includes a chapter on the practical issues of how to get what you need to survive.

Just think about that one for a while.
When you have, here’s an interesting challenge for you.

Who knows a lot about forcing entry in an emergency? Firemen.
Who has published a lot of information on the Internet about doing just that? Firemen.
Time to go browsing for their knowledge.
It’s a start as is browsing YouTube for bypassing locks.
Only do it quickly as Google are about to sanitize a lot of essential knowledge that doesn’t fit their rules.