Electronic Warfare

Remember USS Donald Cook in 2014?
Overflown by a Russian bomber and lost ALL it’s electronics making it dead in the water?

On the 24th June 2021, the Russians overflew HMS Defender and the Dutch warship Evertsen. Evertsen then reported they suffered from “disruptions to electronic equipment”.

Which makes me wonder if that happened to the HMS Defender and why it steamed away so fast. Which also makes me wonder, did Defender leave Evertsen behind in it’s rush to ‘escape’?

Electronic warfare (EW). Those pods strapped under bombers, or driven into battles to disrupt basically anything dependent on electronics, are so important in today’s conflicts. Knocking out cellphones, military communications, civilian communications including landlines, disrupting drones and other weapons systems that rely on GPS. Not forgetting SHIPS systems!

So who leads the world in this technology?
Unsurprisingly it’s the Russians.
How ‘we’ know is they have used every conflict to hone the capabilities of their EW gear. The big one being Ukraine and the tiny footnote that most of the Ukrainian kit came from US military aid. Probably the same stuff as NATO use as standard.
After that things become a little unclear.
China is apparently churning out some useful equipment to the extent that they showboated it in this years HELL MARCH (Annual Military parade).

Typically the UK and US say they are immune from interference. ROTFL
Which is probably why they also run courses on waging war without high-tech.

In 2019, NBC did a generalized write up about EW.
If you Google ‘ russia winning electronic warfare fight ‘, you’ll find it.

2 years on, and in terms of development, ‘some countries’ weapons research facility will give them the edge over the rest.

Curiously I wouldn’t add the West’s EW developers to that list.
As it takes 2 or more years to decide what paint to use, let alone what color.
Then there are the contracts, the haggling about prices, approval, trials, redevelopment, re-trials, cost overruns, and there you go, you’ve lost any advantages you thought you’d gained.

On a survival track, how many of you out there depend on electronics?
Especially GPS and communications.
Luckily, being old school, I learned to read a map and use a magnetic compass.
And my radios are older than Oprah Winfrey but not as old as the current POTUS.
So nothing sophisticated or intelligent inside. 😉

If anything my problem would be transport as the electronics pod (ECU) in the car isn’t exactly rated against EMP pulse of a nuclear popper or EW device. However, when an EW pod can wipe out a push bike or shopping cart, then I’ll get worried.