When politics becomes terrorism.

Winning hearts and minds to achieve political change is not always achievable in the melting pot that is modern cities and larger townships. There are too many factions that have their own goals and few would work together for the greater good.

Diplomacy and the voting booth is a poor, largely ineffective, means of achieving freedom from an oppressive or totalitarian government. Especially if their support base is ‘favored’ by those in power.

Where diplomacy fails, and people power is found lacking, sometimes things need a nudge to facilitate change and one of the more radical ways an opposition can do this is to discredit, incapacitate, or remove any obstacles. To that end, someone who is rational and learned has to decide what action to take.

The classic WHO, WHERE, and WHEN of targeting.

Target selection is rarely random.
Even if the idea is to just to disrupt, panic, or demoralize, the selection will be balanced to do just that and not to shock or anger the local population, or cause collateral damage.

Except nothing is ever clear cut by this stage and the slip into one of the three forms of terrorism is just one incorrect decision or poorly planned operation.

  1. Domestic Terrorism aka Civil disorder is a violent form of directed protest against a political policy or government action.
    It is seldom meant to be indiscriminate unless other actors join in with the ‘fun’. Which is what usually happens. After that, it can evolve into widespread rioting, resulting in intimidation, develop a racial or religious overtone, life and services disrupting, looting, arson, destruction, injuries, and deaths.
    Collateral damage within the civilian population is common.
  2. Political terrorism is used by one political faction to intimidate another. It has a record of attacking key civilians, government agents and agencies, the security and domestic services. This should be the most controlled of the three.
    But it never is.
  3. Religious or ethic terrorism is otherwise known as cleansing.
    The desired goal is something other than political, but this time the gloves are off and, ANYONE is a legitimate target.

Out of the three, the last one is the one I abhor above all others.
This I have lived and I can tell you straight, it’s not ‘nice’.

So, be careful what you wish for.
As direct action can be, has been, and will always be, hijacked by others with other agendas.

To that end it NEVER solves anything.