No Gun Club.

This stems from COVID but it clinched my thinking about the range I started to attend.

Early in the new year, I received an email asking for advance payment of the annual subscription due in April. The reason being was the range was making no money due to the lock down and would close if they didn’t get boost in income. So, trying to work that out, I came to the thought of what happened to the subscriptions the other 80 or so members had paid? Something around £16000.

Only the begging came with a clearly defined threat.
If the range closes, the police would take away personal firearms as owners had to have a nominated place to shoot at. So, no pressure then!

Now, I never like being held over a flame, and can see the risk of people paying their subs early and the range closing anyway. So I’ve walked.
Trust was ‘absent’ there anyway as the lock down meant I only got 2 months shooting before it was closed by the COVID regulations. Add various ‘niggles’ about range discipline and the presence of a heavily used bar, quite frankly I was not exactly enamored by the whole set up anyway.

Has that affected my shooting?
Actually not at all because I have a solo range set up at home.
There is also the inescapable truth that I don’t play well with others so not going there doesn’t mean I’m missing out.

Currently I’m splitting my time between working with my radio, gardening, some range work, and the other many things that seem to fill my “not very sociable anyway” diary.

What comes next?
I’m still a little freaky about this whole COVID thing so I’m pretty much keeping myself to myself BUT I have been looking for a new venue to keep my longer range shooting up to par once everything has settled down.

To that end, I’ve found another two ranges within an hours drive.
One I’ve already got bad vibes about (Twitter comments) and the other one is an unknown, sort of.
The latter is licensed for multi-disciplines and full bore calibers. To me that’s good and has an extra tick as it is on a former military base complete with a nice little 300 yard range.

Roll on summer.
Although the current CRAZY UK Gov thinking is going to bring about the forth round of infections, as well as new lock downs, as they intend to abandon ALL restrictions on July 19th.

Mainly because the numbers of infections are rising steeply.
Go figure the logic in that one.