When bang turns to boom and pain.

I was watching a video on Youtube for Kentucky Ballistics (Link)
The one where the host’s (Scott) RN-50 blew apart.
Two words. NOT NICE.

Except that’s not why I’m writing.
The fallout from this accident was a mixture of false claims, supposition, and guesswork by quite a few idiots on YouTube and other social networking who didn’t have all the facts, or made them up as they went on about what happened.

It also reminded me when a Dragunov I was shooting blew apart.
Luckily I didn’t get hurt and the fault was most likely the ammo as it was VERY old and had been stored in less than ideal conditions.
On that day I was accompanied by a couple of ‘know it all’ experts (surprisingly from the US) who instantly went into ‘overdrive’, or was it ‘motormouth’, about ‘crap Russki engineering’ regarding the rifle.

Never once did they consider the ammunition, only the design.
A design that went into service in 1963 and fast became a hit with everyone who used it. A design that was considered so good, the Chinese cloned it.

Still there I was, 1987, shooting a 20 year old version with poor ammunition and it went boom. The fault was obvious and actually down to me.
Shooting a mag I ‘thought’ one of the recoils was a bit weak and had to recycle the action. DURRR how dumb was that.
The boom happened seconds after and yes the barrel was blocked up by the first round that had never cleared the muzzle.

Only there was the problem of the two idiot ‘experts in firearms’ to deal with.
Shaken and annoyed at MYSELF, I challenged them to put a primer only round down their barrels and see what would happen with their pride and joy when they gave it a poke with a good round immediately afterwards. Funny enough both declined, left, and I never saw them again.

If only more people attacked the ‘false claims and BS rhetoric’ made by some ex-spurts, I think learning experiences would be a lot more fruitful than some B.S. that goes unchallenged and enshrined into “social media law”.

Back to Scott.
Watching the slap rounds going through his rifle there was a noticeable difference in muzzle blast between shots. To an experienced observer, not necessarily the shooter, that should have rung alarm bells. Was it their fault Scott got hurt? No, just bad luck and possibly a bad round.

So what I want to point out is simply this.
Guns go bang, but most BOOM and shrapnel from that boom aren’t always a simple gun failure and, more than people would like to admit, a bad round from a factory or reload or badly stored ammo, and not thinking despite the symptoms demanding an immediate action drill, is often the cause.

Anyway, nowadays if I even think that the recoil, report, or whatever occurs, I’m now super cautious, stop, unload, look, and won’t carry on until I’m certain all is well. (Got to love solid cleaning rods for a fast test of a blocked barrel).

As for the YouTube / other social platform ‘self proclaimed experts’,  GFY.
Too often social media is quick to jump on something, make judgements and false claims. Too often less learned people will believe them as they can’t be bothered to do the footwork that is necessary to confirm the facts. Thus the truth gets muddied and that can lead to all sorts of problems and bad choices.

And on that happy note I’ll end.
p.s. I’m really glad Scott survived.