Can one voice make a difference?

The Brit, Macer Gifford, who fought 3 tours alongside the Kurdish forces against IS, has made comment about the growing attitude in the UK which he says ‘fails to recognise’ (while I say ‘has chosen to ignore’) the true victims of evil.

Quote: “We are so full of criticising our own country and our own institutions that we are not applying any form of agency or responsibility to the people that do harm to others”.

Bang on matey, and thank you for your services to humanity.

However, the UK political scene in the UK only makes populist policy in the form of appeasement, political correctness, woke, religious and ethnic tolerance. As such, all politics, the UK’s media, and the weak in mind and morals on social media, pander in some way to those who commit the obscene.

So personally, and sadly, I think he’s on a loser as I reckon one voice will never make a difference in the cesspit that is modern politics and social media.

I’m afraid the UK lost it’s way years ago on the altar of money, the allure of power, and the loss of common decency. Let alone politics supporting the warped morals of the woke, racist, and minority groups that infest our country. That and it’s wildly acknowledged that UK politics take their orders from allies that are nothing of the sort.

Now older, but no wiser, I yearn for the past when we were a nation.
Except that will never happen again under the archaic, self serving, uncaring, system of government the sheeple choose to support.

Rave over.
Y’all have a nice day.