Farm House

I penned this a while ago following a flashback set off by a news article.
I still see so much hatred in the world and it always targets those who could never fight back. In the main I see the foulest of crimes hiding behind religion. The only problem then is the investigation (if there is one) is always wary of taking on that religion, and that is mainly a political or cowards decision. Cowards and politicians. Sort of goes hand in hand doesn’t it? After all the power in the UK gets off beating on the little people. However, the media all talk of a government whitewash when an investigation fails. Only have you thought what color that whitewash is?

Farm House

The gentle sound of burning wood
The smell that a bonfire makes
Yet behind the smell, and on the wind
Was the odour of burning meat

Three families slain because of their faith
Nine souls sent off to their God.
But in a shed a child was found
Barely twelve she alone survived.

Her tale was bad as it all came out
Her home burning down as she was raped.
And who were the scum who had done this deed?
The ‘family’ of a girl who married out of her faith.

‘Which faith were they’, some will ask
Except knowing that changes nothing
What was true is nobody helped
They all too scared to challenge that faith.