High-Tech verses you and tactical observations.

What good is your high-tech bad guys when the good guys know you are few in number, where you are, what your capabilities are, and how you react to provocation?

What if they know you are not allowed to ‘problem solve’ at a local level, are constrained in what you do by BS rules of engagement, and the inflexibility and slow reaction speed of centralised military, political, or other civilian command system?

The inflexibility of the military machine over the more mobile and unconstrained rebel or militia is one reason why the bad guys always win.
Good, bad? I suppose that’s how you see yourself.

Anyway, the little guy has a history of fighting a technically better enemy, and winning. Not because they developed better technology, but the means to counter, confuse, confound, or evade it. That and they had the support of the people.

Don’t they, Brits, Yanks, the UN, and NATO.
Which is why you all only vanquish but NEVER win.
(I better include Russia as I’ve already been called a communist by some idiot).

Only how does that translate to a solo survivalist or small group?

Knowing the capabilities of your enemy, the disposition of their resources, their reaction time and how they react, is a great tactical advantage. As is local knowledge and local support.

Yep, like it or not ‘John or Jane’ Doe survivalist, at sometime or another you will need a friendly hand to help you survive.

Especially if you fall ill, are injured beyond self help, are after something that is well protected, or you are being hunted.

So how do you know the good from the bad you choose to contact?
Surveillance will help but ultimately it’s going to be down to your judgment.
Can you tell if a person who is lying or is under coercion?
After all it’s an important ‘life skill’.

I’m also minded of something once said.
When you meet someone you don’t know, do it on your terms, on your ground, and always armed. Be polite, professional, never turn your back, and always have multiple ways to exfiltrate (escape) if everything turns sour.

Is that it?
Na, no way close, but I bet it got you thinking, and thinking is good.
So, about now I reckon some will be thinking about military small unit , MOUT  (Military Operations, Urban Terrain), and counter insurgency tactics.

Good plan!
Even if you are a Demi-God at war. But, as a lone wolf / small pack, the only reason to study them IMHO is to be able to read your enemy’s tactics and work out ways to circumvent them if they become a problem.

Ultimately survival is problem solving 101.
Where the most committed, innovative, adaptable, knowledgable about how all things, people, military and enforcement, work at a street level, who will stand a better chance of survival.

As for war? Perhaps this might be a sobering thought.