Talking personal weight and survival.

All about fitness freaks, weight watchers, and modern living.
I’ll start with two stories

  1. Two survivors (Found on RT a few years ago).
    Both male, same height and general build.
    One weighed in at 210 lb, the other 165 lb.
    Two weeks into a plane crash in a Russian winter, they were rescued.
    Both had lost about 40 lbs.
    Take a flying guess who was better off? (Clue, it wasn’t the skinny one)
    All survival training talks about the need to take on extra calories in the cold.
    Only what if you can’t get some and your body has no ‘reserves’?
  2. The making of the Movie Rambo 4.
    A tale about Stallone and he talking to cast members about gaining weight as being skinny was not wise when exercising in jungle heat/humidity. The reason is tropical heat literally wrings out the body and carrying a little extra weight is a good idea.
    Water is the key to survival in tropical heat BUT when you lose excessive water, you also lose important minerals. So, unless you can replace them, or have enough ‘excess on your body to ‘feed itself’, you will get into trouble FAST.

My tuppence worth.
I have worked in both extremes, cold (Northern Europe) and heat (Singapore and Hong Kong). While it’s a good idea to get to a good weight, modern living provides for adequate (if not excessive) food.

Only when you are plunged into a survival mode, Walmart or whatever might not be there any more and in excessive cold or heat, plus the extra ‘exercise’ you will probably endure, you will lose weight FAST.

Lose too much and you will weaken your immunity, compromise your cognitive skills, lose strength, and feel extremes of temperature and humidity a hell of a lot more than you would normally.

Now the classic answer to all this by most ex-spurts is EAT MRE’s.
Good idea, if you have them, and plenty of water, BUT they aren’t a long term survival strategy. It is also a fact it is harmful to try and live on them for an extended time. That backed up by multiple references in survival books and service survival training.

As most survival scenario’s will be short term, sudden, and you’ll probably not be carrying your full ‘survival kit’. You should consider CAREFULLY what a weight loss of 10 to 20 lbs will do to you.

Get fit as you can by all means but looking good today could mean you ending up looking like a crumpled sack full of bones with all the health consequences that could bring tomorrow.