When Vikings died in battle, to Valhalla was their way
Their prize to fight forever, their epic wars still played.

At night they whored and feasted, then slept their pain away
Once more to rise to battle, as was their warring ways

No Viking was I ever, but battles I did fight
Sometimes I go revisit them, to awake in nights dark light.

Within my mind they’re vivid, complete with taste and smell
And once again I get to feel the pain I sometimes felt.

I run my old decisions I had to make so fast
Why is the mind so cruel to force that evil task

Beside me now my wife’s asleep, within her gentle calm
A hand at rest that touches me all throughout the darkest hours

So when I awake in terror, she stirs and cuddles me
With that gentle reassurance she cancels out my dreams

But as I wake at dawns first light my mind is still a mess
Me already knowing that tonight won’t gift me rest.