Woodland Stream

The quiet of the woods and the gentle sound of water.
I also miss the sound of the wind in the trees.
The rustle of feeding birds and the rasping call of the crows.

In the stream tiny minnows and pond skippers.
In the day it’s the buzzing of insects, but at night comes the mosquitoes.

Before then it’s wise to be crushing pine needles, lavender, or lemon balm and rubbing the juice on your skin and clothing. Perhaps making a smoky fire with pine needles or lemon balm, both making a rich sweet smell. Three ways that never fail at deterring the mosquitoes and gnats.

Time for bed, but never on the ground, unless you have a proper tent with a sewn in ground sheet. I always think it is better to swing in a hammock made with your groundsheet with the final fold left hanging to cover you from the damp night ahead.

As for your boots? Clean before you get into bed and they lay at your feet, never on the ground. Your pack swings high, and no food on the ground. After all, all you may need at night is water, a shovel and toilet paper. What of a torch? A simple single LED fob light. Tiny it may be but as your night vision kicks in it is enough.

How to find your latrine in the dark? Hang a strip of florescent cloth or silver foil over it. In the dead of night both will pick up the glow of the white (or blue) LED. Only remember to do the same for your hammock!

Is wild camping a young person’s sport?
For me, unfortunately yes, but I still look longingly into the trees where we used to walk our dog.