Guest Post from Anon.

It seems I struck a chord.
This came into my email and, after checking with the author (who wishes to remain anonymous), I’m posting it as a guest post.

Know Thy Frenemy

When someone tells you they have cancer, you feel sorry for them and offer your support.
Someone tells you they have Covid and it’s a different kettle of fish altogether.
You get a rush of emotions as the bottom falls out of your world, which is quickly overtaken by anger. This in turn is directed at yourself, or your partner, for having let your guard down as they were considered a friend. All the care and precautions you have taken since the pandemic started have just been thwarted, and it is not your fault.

Panic sets in, scenarios of what this means and how it affects your every day living.
Help is at hand on the internet, if of course you have access to it, then again local pharmacies are kitted out with large stockpiles of free home kits.

Only two questions are asked, your age, and why.

Tears threaten when you realise the potential seriousness of the situation, fear begins to creep in and you tell yourself you have no symptoms and are just playing safe. But the crux of the matter is:-


The kits are easy enough to use, though getting the seal off the test tube is difficult and you have to be careful not to get the liquid on your fingers.
Unlike a pregnancy test when there is some excited anticipation, your mind is filled with dread as you wait the necessary time for the line to appear that will seal your fate.
The relief of a negative result is enormous but your concerns are far from over. That was this time but the immediate future holds more tests, hopefully with the same result, but the fear remains.
The mind goes into overdrive and the barriers are raised. No more socialising, not that you did much anyway and masks become as vital as your shoes and coat to go out.
You think about the people you have come in contact with, afraid you are a spreader and don’t know it. You give everyone a wide berth, maybe even shut yourself away. And the anger festers.

Covid doesn’t care. It attacks anyone, any age, vaccinated or not, and it’s mutating.
Those infected have the daunting job of notifying everyone they have been in contact with. It can divide families, dissolve friendships, wreck relationships. It can kill.
Yet people are still refusing to be vaccinated, which although not a cure, does offer some protection in reducing the symptoms. Selfish and ignorant morons continue to not wear masks or keep socially distant. They stupidly think it’s all over now that lockdown restrictions have been lifted and life will return to normal.
Think again. Those days are long gone, and Covid is not going to go away.
You get the call saying ‘I’ve got Covid’ and you’re advised to take a test. Just pray you don’t get two lines.