Because if something feels wrong, it usually is.

Walking at night on the beach with my lovely wife is something I really enjoy.

But, as usual, I never ever switch off and a movement alongside the beach huts triggered my hyper-awareness along with my (yesterdays) security nose for ‘What’s wrong with this picture’.

However, I lost the skill of not giving a ‘tell’ about what I’d noticed a long time ago and my nearest and dearest was all over me as I deliberately let the man know I’d seen him. He scuttled away.

So we walked on, but just out of sight.
I stopped, then after 30 seconds or so, I backtracked.
Sure enough he was back, trying doors, and with another low life.

Why is it there is never a policeman when you need one?
Hang on! This is the UK and there is NEVER EVER a policeman around when you need one. Also, to contact the police ‘for a non emergency call’ in the UK just gets you a ‘leave a message and we’ll get back to you within the next 72 hours’.

Yeah, really efficient and not totally unexpected.
After all the Daily Mail reported in June:-

  • Police forces dumped more than 1,000 crimes a day during pandemic within 24 hours of them being reported – including rapes, kidnaps and violent assaults.
  • One in seven crimes reported to police last year were dropped within 24 hours
  • Some forces even doubled the number of crimes it ‘screened out’ in lockdown
  • Data from 17 police forces show that 432,634 crimes written off within 24 hours

Sensationalist nonsense from the media?
If you think that, you really don’t understand what is going on in the civilised world, and just how thin the blue line of law enforcement really is.

What happened next?
I was never going to be stupid enough to engage.
Be that on a one to one basis or, as seen, two adults.
I’m too old, knackered, and don’t carry the means to make an outcome end in my favor.
That’s what the boys in blue are for, cannon fodder.

So, I shrugged my shoulders, smiled and walked on.
Only the boss (wifey) told me, “You’re not working now”

Yep, she is right of course but, like many who were or are, street aware, professionally trained and experienced, or just picked up a ‘spidey sense’ for danger while living in the melting pot called ‘a city’:-


Which now allows me to pose a question.
Are you like me, or others who ‘alarm up’?
After all I know I’m not the only person who picks up on things.
Except this isn’t a scary thing, or even weird, and in a survival or health hazardous scenario (which basically sums up modern living), you should always trust your instincts.

Because if something feels wrong, it usually is.