Gardening and our veg plot.

It has been a terrible year regarding our plans to lay aside veg,
Today the green house has only a few leeks that are on a go slow, and two tomato plants as idle as the leeks are.

Or successes are the onions (20 Kg), potatoes (still ongoing), Cauliflowers, and cabbage. Although the fight against the butterflies. their caterpillars, and slugs has been epic because I’m not a fan of insecticides.

What has failed spectacularly has been the parsnips. carrots, and swedes.
Common theme there, all root crops. Malformed, stunted, despite running our domestic water bill up and them guzzling over 600 liters of rain water. They are all now mulched in the compost bin.

Only we aren’t the one ones.
Everyone had has a REALLY poor root crop and I swear the crops were cooking in the ground!

The surprise failure was the green beans.
I picked less than a dozen and my wife less than that.
Now pulled, the only thing left in that bed is lemon balm and gooseberries.

Meanwhile the hedgerow yields are also dire.
Forest blackberries are tiny (and tasteless), and the elderberries haven’t grown bigger than pin heads. The only real stars are nettles.
When we did find puffballs, they had already turned into spore sacks so were uneatable. Shame that as the juniors are lovely when sliced and fried in butter.

I feel a road trip coming on today to our favorite reed marsh for a blackberry gathering before the flies fill them full of maggots. As I often say, we travel with hope.

Meanwhile the shops are selling the worst fruit and veg we have EVER seen.
Prices have soared while quality has dived to new levels of badness.
Most are blaming Brexit but the poor quality includes fruit and veg grown in the UK.

And please, don’t anyone say it’s global warming.
This spring and early summer for us were the coolest we have had for many years.

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  1. My garden did very poorly this year. We did not have warmer than normal temperatures. We also had regular and adequate rainfall. Next year I’m going to change things up aittle.

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  2. We will be doing the same but first thing we must do is double our rain water storage. After that, go to one of the fen land farms for some decent topsoil. Best guess is about 300 lbs dug into our two main beds and greenhouse is going to be a good move.

    Meanwhile, Keep safe friend!

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