Thanking a gofer.

What is a gofer?
The slang dictionary (and in the eyes of an a-hole of a boss) is an employee, servant, or slave whose primary responsibility is to fetch items and bring them back to his or her boss, master, or owner.

However, that’s not the whole story.
In my case, my gofer is my lovely wife who assists me with everything I do.

I am, or should I say was, a capable handyman.
By nature I’m also a problem solver, en altmuligmann, aka an everything possible man. In short I’ll have a go at anything except working with mains gas.

(Mainly because I don’t like ‘Boom’).

Anyway my claim to fame is I’m seldom beaten when dealing with repairs or problems, and will work until I succeed in the task I’m given. For as long as it takes me.

EXCEPT now I’m too old, physically disabled, and chasing round for bits and pieces, or getting up and down repeatedly, is one hell of a painful event for me.

So my lovely wife gofers for whatever I need.
It became a standing joke where we used to live as she would turn up at our favorite hardware shop with a little sketch of what I needed. The nice bit about it was they always helped her.

I also do the same for her. Anything to help her, any way I can.
(p.s. Luv U wife!)

I will mention others here.
During the COVID crisis, there were a few volunteers around us who would do a persons shopping for them, or anything else they needed. Were they the ‘slang’ type of gofers? Some of them laughingly described themselves as much, but to me they promoted the term to something WAY more important than the slang word for a slave.

So why this post?
Hopefully to put to bed the notion that a gofer is just another person’s slave.
Some gofers are just nice people doing nice things by helping others.
The best bit about it is the rewards they sometimes get gifted in return.

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