And what a pleasure it was.
Just the two of us. Too late for dog walkers, and too early for the drunks, we had the estate to ourselves. It’s cool tonight, 13C (56F). No breeze, sky broken with an occasional cloud but nothing sinister.

On the air was the sound of the sea.
No surprise there as it’s only 250 meters away.
Yet it was muted as there is hardly any wind.

As we walked past houses with windows open the sound of their television and someone playing a CD or whatever. Nice music, not loud, just enough.

At the back of the estate is a large copse of trees and I heard an owl calling.
My night favorite will always be an owl.

Unfortunately there was no badger running down the road. The wife loves to see it as well as the occasional Muntjac deer strolling down the sidewalk in the evening without a care in the world.

I wish I had the words to capture the peace, but I’m no wordsmith.
So, be at peace and rest quietly in the night‘s gentle embrace.

2 thoughts on “Nightwalk

  1. Sounds like you two had a lovely walk. I love the owls too. We have great horned owls here, some even in town. Recently, we were having a fire and watching for satellites and meteorites, and an owl flew over us at tree-top level. Absolutely silent–we wouldn’t even have noticed if we hadn’t been looking up. My favorite bird to hear at night though is the whipoorwill, a nightjar. It sounds like it’s name. I have never heard one around here but we used to hear them up north when we camped.

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  2. For 6 months while house hunting we lived in a tent. Sun, wind, rain, and cold. Di found it “educational”. Still she did award me with the prize of being the ‘one burner short order chef and hot breakfast king’. (Chuckle).

    Anyway, I’m always happier when I’m off grid (which included the boat), as I know how to live in harmony with nature.

    Although we are happy with our little home, I never will be a fan of ‘civilization’.

    Have you ever heard the song by Sandi Thom “I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair)” .

    That just about sums my thinking about modern life.

    Keep safe Begonia!


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