Sometimes fanciful is an understatement.

The prepping world is off on one of those, “Here’s the easy way to make penicillin on your kitchen table again.”

Okay, I’ve got bread, water, no milk bottles though or other common kitchen cupboard materials like:-

  • Sterilized metal strainer
  • Sterilized or newly opened cheesecloth
  • Sterilized 1L glass beaker
  • Sterile spoon or stirrer
  • pH tester: litmus strips or digital
  • Hydrochloric acid and a dropper
  • 2L separatory funnel
  • 500ml Ethyl Acetate
  • 125ml Potassium Acetate

With little chance of maintaining a constant 315 °F for 1 hour, let alone 340 °F for the same. Plus I’m flat out of cheesecloth which I’m pretty certain everyone has in their sock drawer.

Kitchen chemistry?
If you are off grid, you probably have a better first aid kit than most doctors surgeries.
If you are in town, disaster breeds opportunity.
Only you will lose the basics of urban utilities soon after electricity goes off.
While that might seem bad, for the resourceful, no power ‘opens doors’.

When you look at the basics of the rules of three, it looks something like this.
3 seconds in a hostile situation if you fail to REACT correctly.
3 minutes with no heart beat or good air.
3 hours with inadequate shelter or climate control (fire) in extremes.
3 days without clean water or prescription medicines.
3 weeks continuously without food.
3 months without money or the means of barter.

So, and unlucky for us, we are both dependent on medicines and my initial foraging priorities will be focused on keeping us alive.

Which means, the local pharmacies (5), medical warehouses (1), shops selling pet products and first aid/health items (6), veterinarians(1), fire houses(1), ambulance stations(1), pet and aquarium-tropical fish shops (4), not forgetting doctors surgeries(1) Although the one we have in town is about as good as a chocolate teapot. are all going to be hit just as soon as it’s safe to move around.

What’s missing? Hospitals.
If the ‘event’ is that serious, the last place of ‘help and safety’ I would want to be near is a hospital. If it’s not over crowded, out of supplies, or under STRICT security, have you thought about the consequences of raiding one of them??

And back to the kitchen table pharmacy.
A lot of prepping is common sense, but there is a degree of fanciful about some aspects of survival and, unluckily, if someone prints something like how to make penicillin with a kitchen spoon, everyone and his dog is going to copy it and slam it out in the internet.

Only here’s the thing.
Even if you do manage to make a magic brew, there are quite a lot of people who are ALLERGIC to penicillin AND, if you aren’t careful, you just might be breeding a toxin by accident.

The funny thing about mentioning that is in the 11 articles I’ve just waded through, only ONE mentions that let alone the possibility of making a toxin.

And I’m wondering why the other 10 didn’t think that important.