A prepping hint that all is not well.

The UK’s National Grid was forced to turn on one of its coal-burning power plants to meet energy demands. Energy firm EDF was requested to turn on its two coal units at West Burton A power station in Nottinghamshire after wind power failed to meet requirements. The station itself is one of the UK’s last remaining coal-burning power plants and is due to be decommissioned next year.

So, wind power failed, gas powered wasn’t enough, as for nuclear? ROTFL, so they had to fire up a coal powered power station.

All this environmentist green crap is coming back to haunt us and it doesn’t look good coming into the fall. The last two winters were cool, not cold, and it’s about time we got hit by another cold winter.

Only if this nonsense continues, the country could collapse, as predicted, by a shortage of electrical power. Which will be REALLY NICE (not) seeing as though COVID cases are through the roof after the UKGov re-started it’s stupidity by doing away with any sensible form of protections from an airborne contagion.

Hospitals without power? One word, carnage.