Reflections in a Glass

It’s difficult to reason with reflections in a glass
It’s hard to know why it looks at you so hard
Those tired jaded eyes and that softening chin
A shadow of the boy turned man now dimmed

Each day a memory of life revealed
Memories of things we try to conceal
A place, a smell, a sight and that din.
Once handled with easy but now from within

When memories rise into the fore
And sounds cause flinching, a start, and more
When something still causes you to drop
Is that the tapestry of life or just your lot

Past life should be of happy things
Of monies earned and not ideals
Not pain, despair, and loss of friends
Of sights that none should ever see

Yet all the memories are not bad
The nights spent happy with the cards
Of people met and places seen
Of mirth and life lived to the extreme

When grey is now a tale of woe
Valhalla’s hall a distant dream
Just quiet reflection in a glass
And smiling about lost friends.

Tell me Sir, do all old soldiers dream
Not of their death but what they did
When does it end for warriors broke
Is it when you are in Charon’s boat