Learn to love the night.

Nyctophobia is an extreme fear of night or darkness.

Some think it’s a useful thing, as a little bit of instinctive fear keeps you on your toes in case you have to invoke your ‘fight or flight’ reaction to escape or fight an enemy.

So it does have a use!
It doesn’t make you a chicken or a scared cat, it just makes your body more attuned for threats and, therefore, more fit to survive.

Anyway, it’s a very common phobia, but it is one that may get you killed as it can make some freak out or miss out on opportunities that present themselves when others are asleep i.e. night foraging.

There are two basic solutions to combating this fear.
Exposure. Keep exposing yourself to working in the dark.
After a while, you will adapt to low light working.

Psychobabble. Yep, it’s possible to convince people there is nothing to worry about. That there is nothing ‘out there’ any different from the day. I’ve never known this to work on it’s own but mixed in with exposure, it can help some.

Dangers of the Dark.
There is another side to this and occurs in most conflict, and as a part of (un) civilized society. In conflict soldiers will take war trophies. Some by rape. Often that is fueled by alcohol, or drugs, but the worse is hatred.

Women living in combat areas soon learn to avoid going out during the hunting time of sundown to the small hours. They doing tasks like getting water only in dawns early light as the soldiers were sleeping off their booze.

Today, in non conflict areas, alcohol (a major contributor to inciting rape) is a real hazard as it is so freely available. The hunting hours tend to peak between 9 pm for those 18 or older and go down a great deal after 1 am. Only don’t let ANYONE think they are truly safe out of these hours.

Modern working trends.
The growing trend towards the 996 work regime (9:00 am to 9:00 pm, 6 days per week), in fall and winter forces some to transit during those dangerous hours. Thus corporate greed is exposing both women and men to the most dangerous hours.

And finally where does all this fit in regarding survival?
In a grid down scenario, where the rule of law evaporates, predators and survivors will be looking for reward whenever, from wherever, and however they can. So during the day you could find yourself at danger as humans are, in the main, diurnal. Active chiefly in the daytime.

With no entertainment, no X-box or easy access to booze, sundown to dawn may make life safer. Although in summer that could mean people get VERY LITTLE sleep.

Where does that leave personal safety when outside in that scenario?
If you are foraging, I like the hours of 3am to dawn.
The problem then is moving around BUT, if correctly attired, i.e. subtle grey clothing, PLANNED quiet calculated movement, no talking, no torches unless absolutely necessary, no smoking or scents, works for me.
Keeping yourself concealed during daylight way better than facing conflict.

Apart from man, what is the main danger of moving around at night?
In a civilized, disaster, or combat zone?
Pets and in particular dogs.
They too are diurnal but remain aware 24/7.

Deep into a survival scenario, dogs may attack for no reason in a pack
as you may appear to them as a mobile canteen, i.e. food.

Big or small, all can inflict injury and in a grid down scenario, a scratch can kill.

When foraging.
As said, dogs are ‘aware’ 24 hours a day so when foraging, consider that some dogs don’t bark, and some may have been trained to attack silently. What defense have you against an attack? Very little when fighting a pack! However being accompanied by a well trained dog of your own will help pre-warn you of danger.

How to end this post?

It’s not just a cliche,
It’s becoming a necessity.
For work, rest, and play.