THe UK’s number one growth industry

Breeding four legged rats.
Brown, Town, Farm, Sewer, Black, Norway, Roof, Ship, and House rats
The population of rats in the UK grew 25% in 2020, from 120m in 2019, to 150m in 2020. Then this year arrived and the numbers over the last two years have SOARED!

  • A recent survey revealed Glasgow has the biggest vermin problem in Scotland, with around 1.3 million rodents reported.
  • London has 2.2 rats for every person!
    That’s 2.42 MILLION (including 650 rodents called the Members of Parliament).
  • Birmingham and Leeds have more rodents than Glasgow in the UK.
  • Edinburgh was ranked seventh by the exterminators, with around 1.1 million rodents.
  • Aberdeen is also believed to have almost 500,000 rats, with 330,000 in Dundee, around 180,000 in Inverness and nearly 84,000 invading Stirling. (Ex)

So why such a high amount?
COVID closing so many businesses, under investment in pest control, and a reduction in the frequency of rubbish collection by local government. Not forgetting the EU for limiting what poisons can be used. LET alone our government for limiting the types of lethal rat traps to a few VERY expensive makes and models.

A disaster? Not quite yet but as food supply has dropped off for them over the last 20 months in cities and urban townships, the rat population is migrating out of these and searching for food in the suburbs and onto rural communities.

Many of those rural, and especially coastal rural communities, have been starved of investment for pest control for years so will be, are being hit, the hardest.

Job opportunity for me? Could well be.
Although most of the ‘politically correct’ pest controllers are offering a catch and release somewhere else option to please the tree huggers and other deluded idiots.

Rather than doing the correct thing and killing the vermin.

Funny bit about that is the politically correct government instructions where it starts off stating You can be fined or imprisoned if you cause unnecessary harm to any animal. Bear in mind we are talking about rats here. Anyway it goes on to say:-

You can:

  • only trap or kill permitted animals
  • use permitted methods to kill animals
  • only use poison to kill the pests it’s intended for – this will be written on the packaging
  • only use traps that have been approved for use with the species you want to control – you must follow the instructions for use

You cannot use the following control methods for any wildlife:
Wildlife? We’re actually talking about pests aka vermin in this post.

  • self-locking snares
  • bows and crossbows
  • explosives (other than legal ammunition for a licensed firearm)
  • live birds or animals, known as ‘live decoys’, to attract pests (unless you have a licence)

Now there’s a funny, as many pest controllers use air weapons on rats in a cage or other live catch traps as it’s more cost effective, quieter, and less bureaucratic than getting a firearms license.

As for causing unnecessary pain?
Not if you are a professional.
With the use of an air pistol seen as a humane dispatch method.

The good news for us is the summer harvests are in and the fields already plowed.
Well sort of.
The field rats are now looking for new sources of food.
That would be anywhere near the fields i.e. townships.
Lucky, lucky, us! (Not).

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