A Whisper

I awoke to a breath crossing near my ear
A voice from the past that I once held very dear
A voice that was urging me to rise up and to act
Only what or how to do that was lacking in their chat.

It’s difficult to ignore a voice speaking in your head
And very hard to fathom why it is even there
It’s very hard to reason in your sleep soaked mind
If its just a dream or present in this time.

Only what was the message they’re trying to convey
Why nudge me wake if nothing is awry?
So tired out but now alert I struggle to my feet
Only the wife said as usual, “Get back into the bed”.

How can you sleep when your mind is racing fast
Half awake turns restless as you argue in your mind
Soon I rise making some inane excuse
To sit on this keyboard hoping to calm the abuse.

Then up comes the thought that I missed what they’d said
Maybe I’d forgotten to say sorry to the dead
Knowing that would never be something that I’d do
I still said Amen and that demon then withdrew.

Notes:- PTSD.
When violence has left its mark on your mind, it can take your thoughts in weird directions. The happy bit for me is not all my flashbacks are violent.