One from my keeper.

Chill out time and I’m walking in a wildlife reed sanctuary.
The wind was blowing gently and all I could hear was that marsh grass ‘sound in the wind’ and take in the beautiful almost hypnotic swaying of the four to six feet tall stems and their soft as silk tips. It had the same effect on me as the wind in the trees in a forest, where I lose all track of time, where I am, and why I was there in the first place.

When I come out of my trance, its like I’ve had a really good night sleep and I feel calm and rested. I had spoken about that sound to my lovely wife and she penned this poem for me.
To me it captures exactly what I feel, her feelings, and her fears.

Can you hear the reeds
Whispering to you on the breeze,
Such a gentle melodic refrain,
It softly calls out your name.

Can you hear the call of the night
Just before dawn’s early light,
Your breath cascades in the wind,
Before the new day begins.

Can you feel the warmth of the day
From the sun’s caressing ray,
Touching you deep in your soul
Chasing out the wintry cold.

I see images in cotton wool clouds
Encasing skies in a wispy shroud,
Reach out my hands to embrace
Your dearly beloved face.

I hear voices whisper your name,
Things will never be the same,
The hypnotic sway of the reeds
Whisks you away on the breeze.

I’m so lucky to have someone who understands.

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