Disabled and written off?

A tongue in cheek comment about modern thinking (by some).

I have been a prepper (reborn as a survivalist 17 years ago) for nigh on 40 years.
Upshot is I’m now on sticks the whole time and drugs for life.
So things have changed “a little bit”.
From running half marathons to 2 miles of staggering before having a rest.

My pack now weighs in at a magnificent 7kg, and that includes water.
I find myself back to basics with the minimum item count to satisfy the rules of three plus half a dozen pill boxes.

Fit? Mainly to drop, but I always manage to get home in the end.
Looking back over the mountain of equipment and stores I had as a prepper, to the cut down, but still bulky list, when I was a sort of fit survivalist, I wonder why I EVER THOUGHT loads of ‘must have’ gear was a pre-requisite to surviving.

I’m also reminded of that ‘knife only’ course I did back in the late 80’s.
I thought it a good idea at the time but NOW, oh boy, am I glad the skills learnt then still work.

So why did I write “written off”?
There is a ‘niche following’ among some preppers and the nouveau self-styled modern survivalists that if you can’t run a mile (with a pack), lift your own weight (unclear if that is with a pack), and punch out a 100 press ups (I’ve watch social media with and without a pack), your likelihood for surviving most disasters is worse than dire.

As for those packs? Happily the new thinking has dropped the weight to an average of 30 lbs.Although that doesn’t seem to include weaponry.
Typically that’s a shotgun, rifle, pistol, a kitchen drawer full of different blades, plus ammo. The worst thinking is that is what you need as a minimum for urban survival. Really?

So, here I am, written off.
Sort of makes me laugh a bit as I’ve always worked to ‘knowledge is gold when surviving’, not technology, or plain brute strength. Thus I move things that are heavy using levers, ropes, and my ‘dinky’ little sack truck.

I forage (some say scavenge) for what I need, and work by using that well worn meme: Improvise, adapt, and overcome.

Actually I don’t feel knackered or written off at all!
So how’s about others who are restricted by injury or age.
What’s your thinking about your chances of survival.
Dire, or about evens?