Addition to Urban load lugging thoughts.

I got thinking about it some more and realized I had forgotten my poachers (smugglers) pockets. What’s that? Large, deep, concealed pockets in a jacket or coat.

I’ve got a few sewn into my outer layers that aren’t openly visible even when filled. A trick of the grey man, it makes you look a bit over weight but not fat as that can attract attention if you move too lithely for your build.

I keep important items there like maps, ID, and money.
Through a padded coat, a casual or inexperienced pat down won’t reveal them.

The same reasoning works for wearing a light weight assault vest.
The numerous pockets lend themselves to carrying important things close to you and so, at a push, you can quickly discard your pack (leaving it for the dogs), while you walk away with what matters.

The problem is twofold.
To be found with a tricked out pack could lead to awkward questions from the authorities asking why you are traveling ‘prepared’. In the UK the police will arrest you if they consider you ‘equipped for theft’.

What do I carry?
This is my base kit. It is urban, forager and scavenger biased.

The survival rule of threes is my guide.
A simple ‘aide-mémoire’ everyone should know as it puts what is important in time order.

3 Seconds without adequate cover or defense from attack
3 Minutes without good air, a heartbeat, or massive blood loss.
3 Hours without shelter and adequate climate control.
3 Days without clean water, personal medications, and SLEEP.
3 Weeks (continuous weeks) without food.

A simple stud fastened poncho which makes an eyelet with ties sheet that is 140 cm x 240 cm and weighs in at a little under 380 gm and folds down to 8 x 10 cm. 10m cordage.  Paracord 20 m.

A fleece lined groundsheet. 560 gm. Why a poncho and sheet?
The best way to keep warm is to GET OFF THE GROUND. with careful folding, a groundsheet lined with a fleece layer insulates you from the heat sapping ground. Together with a string hammock (350 gm), wrapping yourself up in that groundsheet, and the poncho on top to stop you getting wet, I always got a good few hours sleep.

Disposable lighter(s), ferrocerium (steel match), fine wire wool
Cotton wool balls dipped in Vaseline. hand sanitizer (80% ethanol)
4 tea candles. 175 gm

2 liters in four 500ml bottles (3 disposable, one stainless steel) topping up when I can. The steel one allows boiling if the water is ‘raw’. Water purification tablets. My IFK also includes iodine. (Caution. Some people are allergic to iodine). 2 kg

First Aid.
My IFK is comprehensive. 470 gram.
I will list my IFK at a later date.

Personal care.
Toothbrush, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer
Socks 4 pairs, 4 disposable (paper) underpants.
Spare glasses and meds. 230 gm

Ear plugs, FFP3 masks, wrap around safety glasses, work and vinyl examination gloves. 200 gm

Can openers, knife, spoon, fork, mug, teabags soup cubes, and ORT. 150 gm

Chain/wire saw, gaffer tape, short pry bar, and a window popper, Box tape, 600mm garden wire, 100m monofilament line, assorted fishing hooks. 350 gm
Tactical styled Cree led torch plus a spare set of batteries, 4 single led torches, and a handful of assorted elastic bands. 200 gm

Photo ID. Utility bill, and money (folding and coin). 100 gm
Radio 228 gm plus two sets of AAA Alkaline batteries 260 gm total 490 gm

Self defense spray. 120 gm
Wondering about weapons other than my blade? 585 gm
Keep wondering,

This load out is pretty lightweight at about 6 kg (13 lbs).
Small enough to be carried in any style of bag and spread about your person.
Light enough to enhance with foodstuff, cooking utensils, and a small stove.

It is NOT designed to last for a long time without resupply.
It is insufficient to withstand the winter / cold.
However it will aid you in getting under cover.
Something that is deemed illegal in the UK. (Squatters Act)
Summed up as the adverse possession and occupation of abandoned land or buildings, even if that possession is temporary (like seeking shelter/sanctuary from the weather).