Stranger Danger

Allow no advance, lest his speed be too quick
Stay under cover, lest he see what you keep
Lay nothing to ground, lest it slows your reply.

Keep far from a stranger, lest he try to beguile
Look not in his eyes, lest you show him within
Show no back to a stranger, lest he works with a knife.

Talk plain not in code, but not all the book
Talk short not at length, lest your mind get involved
Never lie but omit, lest he knows all the truth.

Never word any anger, lest he shoots as you rave
Tell nothing of you, lest he works out your route
Don’t sway to his words, lest he’s telling you untruths.

Take no gift from them, lest the price be yourself
Make no gift to them, lest they think it a trick
Trade hard for that nail, lest they think you too weak.

Let him camp where you tell him, lest he walks as you sleep
Post a guard to keep watching, lest he attack as you sleep
And watch careful his going, lest he return for his prize.