Lui passes on.

Lining up the shot that day
With Lui spotting by my side
This last shot and that was it
I knew that she’d be free.

It’s tiring to carry another soul
Them asking nothing but needing all
Yet as he died I heard from Lui
Her sexy sigh of old.

With nothing said I made to leave
But Lui she pressed me down
Then up she stood I knew not why
And she was hammered down

As she fell she looked at me
With a smile and words so sad
I’m sorry, she said . . .
And my world turned black

Lui’s pained life had ended there
And sleep I couldn’t get
We all drank hard with deaden minds
To a girl we called ‘little sister’.

They all saw what she’d done
But nothing said assuaged my pain
As shooting true for Lui that day
I’d ended her pain and her life.