Look deep into the skies, as those with wings are seldom angels.

Sitting in our home I shut down again as I heard the drone of heavy rotors.
My wife knew the signs but never knew the full reason why it affected me so badly. Till tonight as I told her what we had seen.

Imagine, if you can, two of us in a nest
With gun ships flying overhead towards a little village
Where children played, dogs barked, and farmers worked
A place where no bad had happened or come from there.

For some reason the bastards opened fire on the village.

One pass was all it took to wreck the village.
My spotter throwing up and crying as she saw the end result
Those cannon had done their job well, and nothing moved below.

When we reported what we had seen, even the hardened of the team looked around with pained and angered eyes.

Was any action taken when the report was passed along?
As always, no one who eats apple pie ever gets held responsible.

Anyway, later that night, someone scrawled this by the main door.
Look deep into the skies, as those with wings are seldom angels.

For those who do not know, a lot of soldiers are superstitious and a few have some sort of talisman they carry everywhere, especially into combat. A lucky elastic band is a ‘Hollywood’ example.
However, some will write a few words on something which is left casually lying about for anyone to read. It can be a phrase, I’ve seen biblical verses, or something they know is a life truth.

The why is for them to know and few will admit to doing so.
However, it is a very effective way of getting a point across to others who sometimes don’t take kindly to advice.