The Rangers (army not football)

The new UK Ranger Regiment (1,200-strong) will be formed of four “all-arms” battalions, each of about 250 personnel.

The new elite force is/will be capable of fighting on four separate fronts, so is a potential warning to China and Russia.

What, both of them? At the same time??
All alone facing off these two enemies???
Wow! Talk about punching over your weight.
That’s you in a scenario that needs power and skills one does not possess.

If I was China and Russia (individually or together), let alone Iran,
I’d be reaching for a new pair of pants from peeing my pants.

From laughing too hard.

Especially as their operations will be subject to the UK’s Parliamentary oversight.

UK’s Politicians running military op’s. Bring on the train wreak!
(From lessons they NEVER learned)