About Me.

Ex-services aka a veteran.
Born into the armed forces (forces brat)
Joined the armed forces
Left the armed forces
Homeless for a while
Contracted for a while.
Got sick, got better (but still a bit screwed up).
Got married. VERY happily married.
Grew older.

Now as cynical as Fk. about:-
Life and death. Money, Banks
Taxes, Government, Civilization,
And people in general.

How I pass my time?
Blogging (surprisingly enough)
Practical Survival
Radio, hunting, and foraging.

Want to know more?
It’s all in what I write.

P.s. I’m not well educated, never went to college and
most of what I know and do came from military service
and the school of hard knocks.

Some of what I write may upset people.
That’s too bad, but I’ll leave you with this thought.

As you haven’t walked in my shoes,
Followed the path I traveled,
Lived my sorrow and felt my pain,
Know who I lost, why, and how,
Who are you to judge me?