The EU tries to outspend China?

(Express edit)
The EU’s President VDL is trying to stop China’s  global geopolitical and economic power. How?

The EU has made a £255 billion plan to derail China’s “You want something built? No problem.

Only don’t think the EU will be seeing a lot (if any) of that money as it’s earmarked for Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa to support renewable energy.
Around 2027 (if I read the article right).

Kinda comforting to know that all the money the EU states are paying in ‘membership fees’ is NOT going to be used for the members benefit.

Still, with the current internal unpleasantness going on as member states are trying to stem the influx of immigrants and being moaned at and threatened with fines by the EU.
Hopefully Russia would have made it’s move before 2027 or the EU would have collapsed.

As a footnote on this Hate China Rhetoric:-
One of our Tory MP’s has called on Britons to stop buying Chinese goods in order to punish China for its treatment of Uyghur Muslims.

I would have once, except the UK can’t make the same quality, quantity, and scope of goods that China makes. Even when it tries, prices for goods made in the UK are WAY MORE EXPENSIVE than foreign goods.

Besides that.
Taking the moral high ground is OK Mr. MP, but NOT after your political party has spent the last ten years screwing up the finances and lives of the poor, sick, disabled, and elderly to such an extent that the new buying norm HAS TO BE “Cheap, Cheerful, and foreign”.

Preferably without this label.

One word, Owwwww!

We arrived for our COVID booster to a meat wagon (whoops) Ambulance outside the building. Which rather spoiled the moment for a lot of people.

Booking in wasn’t much cop and very drawn out with some 30 in the queue.
So much for appointment times.
The whole game was described by the checking in girls as organized CHAOS.
They certainly got that right!

The jabbers were in and out of their rooms like rabbits as they were only allowed to have FOUR jabs at any one time so every five minutes or so would disappear into a room and come back out with a little tray with 4 syringes in them.

Upshot was the Pfizer juice is now in our arms.
My wife feels fine, but as for me?
I feel really YEUK, and that’s only after 3 hours.
Tired, headache, and everything hurts including my eyes!
Thus I’m wondering what sort of a week I’m going to be facing.

I’ve got to say, the only other vaccine I EVER had that made me feel this crook was Yellow Fever when I was 18 when, as a ‘second day in uniform’ recruit, we were all jabbed with a mess of different vaccines.

The forces cure for that?
4 mile run and weight training for a couple of hours afterwards. Nice eh?

To be continued.

It’s Booster Day! Among other (not) happy things

And we’re looking forward to our first experience of the Pfizer Jab (NOT).
My concern is for my wife who has compromised Lymph Glands following surgery two years ago. The Pfizer jab has a record of causing problems in those glands!

So far we’ve spoken to our doctor.
My wife has contacted the cancer department in her hospital,
I asked questions online with the UK’s leading cancer charity,
And they all say the same things that there is Nothing to worry about.
It’s also like they are reading from a government approved script.


The plus on everything is the weather.
It stinks and we’ve had 60+ MPH winds and driving rain for the last 30 hours.
Yeeha! It’s started snowing as I’m typing!

Which will make me even more relaxed about going shopping BECAUSE the Nottingham lot won’t turn up for a seaside day out!

Why does that please me?
Multicultural Nottingham is a bug breeder city and it seems to me that it is constantly in the news for outbreaks of this and that.
When the lock downs happened last year?
Our little town was inundated by the Nottingham’s great unwashed who hired trailer homes for most of the year.

As a result, the town picked up a few cases of COVID.
To be fair, most of the East Midlands lot ‘up sticks’ and migrated here to avoid the restrictions, only to find MOST of the town SHUT!

Then today, take a wild guess who has made the COVID (Omicron) shit list?
That would be Nottingham. Plus it’s been found in the SE of England.

Typically the UK Gov are moving like drunk slugs in containing this new variant.
No total shutdown of international air travel so we will be infected nationwide before Christmas.

As for Christmas? IT’S ON. Until its NOT.
Drunk snails remember!!

Little snippet from the media.
The word ‘Christmas’ is being dropped by minsters as it ‘offends’ some.
The cancel and politically correct agenda strikes again.
So, in my most politest way, I would say this to those who are offended by references to our Christian festivals.Masks are back in shops and on public transport (although we never took ours off).
So the need for the jab might be prudent even though it’s not been proven against this new strain.

OK the US manufacturer says “It should work”!?!
But I’d rather hear “IT DOES WORK”.

Meanwhile Astrozenica are tweaking their juice like mad to MAKE IT WORK!
Except they seem to have fallen out of favor by our government who now favor the US Pfizer brew. (Special relationship anyone!)

Our POS government is still hiding behind their lies and incompetence while juicing us with 2nd class shit because “the science says so”.

Angry, me! Not yet.
More worried for my other half.
My angry bit is saved for railing against our POS government, especially if anything happens to hurt her.

Meanwhile, Russia is still making the news.
While I think it would be a great idea for Russia to sort out the Ukraine.
Coming into winter, that makes little sense. Few wars start in the late fall or early winter as if anything stalls, your troops may be fighting the weather as well as the enemy.

Still, if it does happen, I’ve little doubt it will succeed.
The only question after that is will the critical gas pipelines get damaged as part of a ‘scorched earth’ policy.

Which is why I think everyone (take note UK) who is rattling their war drums should butt out and keep the conflict contained to two adversaries. That way it will be short, sharp, and completed before decorating the Christmas tree time.

After all, if Russia do win and then shut the pipelines down, it won’t be too late to nuke the shit out of them in retaliation! Or send the population of Nottingham in among them to floor their troops with COVID and other buggy mixes.

End of post, and there are only 26 days to Christmas!
Not forgetting the night of the long moon, December 19. (21days)
The last full moon of the year.

When you want to fix things.

Apart from shooting holes in furries, I fix just about anything electrical and electronic with a mains plug attached to it. Well sort of. I should say I CAN just about fix, etc, etc, as above.

The sort of comes about because some electronic spares (especially for radio sets) are becoming scarcer than hens teeth (Clue, they haven’t got any) or soooo very expensive that my workbench rule of “If it costs more than 2/3 the price of a new unit, I won’t repair it” is usually exceeded some five minutes after finding the fault.

The reason for this ridiculous state of affairs?

  1. I live in the RIP OFF UK (Untied Kingdom).
    And no, that’s not a typo.
  2. Under a dysfunctional system of government!
    Yes I truly from the heart mean that!
  3. Internationally, the recent nastiness started by Trump and carried on by Biden, has hiked prices for even the smallest of components by sanctions and other B.S. raising prices way more than last year.
    So a bag of 10 tiny filters was 60p ($0.80). Delivery £2 ($2.66) next day .
    However add sanctions, delivery costs, and import duty?
    The same bag (a quote today from Taiwan) £36.78 ($49)
  4. Thank you Trump and other AH’s for slapping punitive sanctions on everyone that even sounds Chinese, Russian, or Iranian.
  5. Yep, I also have to mention COVID. (Sigh)
    I’ll give you an example.
    Want a bag of crisps (chips). The eatable sort not electronic!
    Delivery problems i.e. no drivers, Supply problems for potatoes, salt, plastics, and food flavorings. Low staffing due to sickness, and there is a “Y” in the day.
    You name it, that’s the excuses.
  6. BREXIT. No HGV drivers (truckers).
    Which is kinda embarrassing as the courier firms are coining it in by subcontracting mom’s and OAP’s using their own cars to deliver stuff!
  7. PLUS, our nations postal delivery service can’t recruit enough Christmas temporary staff because they are paying peanuts!

Did I mention ‘Long live the private courier services!’

Now ordinarily I’d send the customer / friend / the guy who was told about me by that friend / to the nearest small workshop (with a description of what is needed). EXCEPT, quite a few are in the same boat as me i.e. Can do but won’t take the job as the cost of repair makes it BER (beyond economical repair) as the cost of spares or non availability of parts is KILLING US little guys, and that includes the manufacturers, parts suppliers, or wholesalers who have delivery/back ordering dates of up to 6 months!

SNAFU or even we’re FUBAR seems the appropriate thing to say at this time.
That and it serves me right for living here!

Having bitched about all of that, I know some more enlightened countries don’t have a problem i.e they aren’t anything to do with the EU, UK, or any other Western country. Although I have been hearing the same problems are cropping up in America and Canada (thanks to that government sanctions stupidity).

There is also an interesting tilt.
Things are beginning to go wrong, BIG TIME WRONG, in the public utilities / Big business / I.T. / Internet / IOT / and the digital world as repair is now more replace with new with all the problems of incompatible old school software interfacing with modern Operating systems. (Thanks Microsoft’s Windows 11) and long live Windows 7!

Can things get worse?
Personally I would love a HEMP or Geomagnetic Event to hit us.
Then old timers like me get to dust off the valve sets and keyboards will stop clicking for a hell of a long time. Just imagine, people will have to talk to one another as opposed to texting. Kids will run rabid in the streets as their game stations won’t run.

And as for our government?
Will anyone notice NOTHING good is coming out of them (including their spoken words)? Na, probably not. SNAFU definitely applies there!

The Rangers (army not football)

The new UK Ranger Regiment (1,200-strong) will be formed of four “all-arms” battalions, each of about 250 personnel.

The new elite force is/will be capable of fighting on four separate fronts, so is a potential warning to China and Russia.

What, both of them? At the same time??
All alone facing off these two enemies???
Wow! Talk about punching over your weight.
That’s you in a scenario that needs power and skills one does not possess.

If I was China and Russia (individually or together), let alone Iran,
I’d be reaching for a new pair of pants from peeing my pants.

From laughing too hard.

Especially as their operations will be subject to the UK’s Parliamentary oversight.

UK’s Politicians running military op’s. Bring on the train wreak!
(From lessons they NEVER learned)

Okay, I give in.

With plenty of chuckling, my better half (SWMBO) is taking great pleasure in telling everyone that I’m now an official KOF, (Knackered Old Fart ) having reached retirement age.

Like I care, because currently I get to sleep with a younger woman.
That is until next spring when SWMBO will join me in the ranks of the KOF.

And oh boy, her next SWMBO cartoon will be a doozy!

Won’t it! My little Smurf-ette.

Coming up to bed time and:-

Landline phone, mobile, and email goes mad with multiple calls:

This is an update from the Environment Agency.
Flood Alert in force: Tidal flooding of areas near the Lincolnshire coastline.
Flooding is possible for: Tidal flooding of areas near the Lincolnshire coastline from Tetney Haven to Gibraltar Point. Be prepared.

Stormy conditions are forecast, resulting in large waves moving down the East Coast of England on Sunday morning. This will lead to unusually high tidal levels along the Lincolnshire Coastline. The time and date of the forecast high water is 06:45 on 7th November 2021, however conditions may apply two to four hours either side of the high tide. The high tides combined with strong winds may result in wind-blown spray and wave splash causing localised pooling of water behind the sea defences. Low lying coastal land and roads will be affected first. Our forecasts indicate that flooding to properties isn’t likely and therefore flood warnings are not expected to be issued. We are constantly monitoring tide levels, and have staff in the field checking our defences and closing tidal gates where required. Please avoid using low lying coastal footpaths near beaches or promenades and plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads, as sea spray and waves could be dangerous. This message will be updated as the situation changes.

No, not really, we’ve had a few.
Usually we get a single message on our mobile but this time EVERYTHING went “Bing” and we reacted accordingly.

It took an hour to re-arrange the house, precious things moved to higher levels, but the whole thing raised a giggle with the “plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads”. Average height of coastal roads around us, 1-2 Meters.
The distance to the nearest high ground?
13 km, 8 miles from us, and only one road to it.
Which crosses a small river. Whoops!
Head south, North, or West, before driving inland
Feet wet for at least 13 km, 8 miles from the coast.
Predicted high tides PLUS tidal surge? 8 -12 meters.
That high ground? 8 meters. Whoops #2.

Sigh. I would love to put a boat in the garden.
To be more accurate, a 40 foot narrow-boat.
End of our worries would be that fix.
Only there is a ‘small’ stumbling block.

It coming from our local government.I’m not allowed to store a boat, keep a horse, hens, ducks, more than a couple of dogs, and a couple of other teenie stupidities.
300 m from the sea defenses and no boat? WTF is that all about.

Then I thought about it some more.
How’s about a 2 seat microlight, hot air balloon, or a para-glider?
Yippee! Not banned!
(Of course with high winds blowing off shore, that might not be a wise option)
Except I would have to use the road as a runway and that would break another set of laws. Traffic laws.

Ho hum. Welcome the the Untied (Not a typo) Kingdom.
Where government at all levels excel at stacking bull crap WAY ABOVE what it safe.

As for today? Sun shining, wind blowing hard off shore.
And the task of putting everything away.

THe UK’s number one growth industry

Breeding four legged rats.
Brown, Town, Farm, Sewer, Black, Norway, Roof, Ship, and House rats
The population of rats in the UK grew 25% in 2020, from 120m in 2019, to 150m in 2020. Then this year arrived and the numbers over the last two years have SOARED!

  • A recent survey revealed Glasgow has the biggest vermin problem in Scotland, with around 1.3 million rodents reported.
  • London has 2.2 rats for every person!
    That’s 2.42 MILLION (including 650 rodents called the Members of Parliament).
  • Birmingham and Leeds have more rodents than Glasgow in the UK.
  • Edinburgh was ranked seventh by the exterminators, with around 1.1 million rodents.
  • Aberdeen is also believed to have almost 500,000 rats, with 330,000 in Dundee, around 180,000 in Inverness and nearly 84,000 invading Stirling. (Ex)

So why such a high amount?
COVID closing so many businesses, under investment in pest control, and a reduction in the frequency of rubbish collection by local government. Not forgetting the EU for limiting what poisons can be used. LET alone our government for limiting the types of lethal rat traps to a few VERY expensive makes and models.

A disaster? Not quite yet but as food supply has dropped off for them over the last 20 months in cities and urban townships, the rat population is migrating out of these and searching for food in the suburbs and onto rural communities.

Many of those rural, and especially coastal rural communities, have been starved of investment for pest control for years so will be, are being hit, the hardest.

Job opportunity for me? Could well be.
Although most of the ‘politically correct’ pest controllers are offering a catch and release somewhere else option to please the tree huggers and other deluded idiots.

Rather than doing the correct thing and killing the vermin.

Funny bit about that is the politically correct government instructions where it starts off stating You can be fined or imprisoned if you cause unnecessary harm to any animal. Bear in mind we are talking about rats here. Anyway it goes on to say:-

You can:

  • only trap or kill permitted animals
  • use permitted methods to kill animals
  • only use poison to kill the pests it’s intended for – this will be written on the packaging
  • only use traps that have been approved for use with the species you want to control – you must follow the instructions for use

You cannot use the following control methods for any wildlife:
Wildlife? We’re actually talking about pests aka vermin in this post.

  • self-locking snares
  • bows and crossbows
  • explosives (other than legal ammunition for a licensed firearm)
  • live birds or animals, known as ‘live decoys’, to attract pests (unless you have a licence)

Now there’s a funny, as many pest controllers use air weapons on rats in a cage or other live catch traps as it’s more cost effective, quieter, and less bureaucratic than getting a firearms license.

As for causing unnecessary pain?
Not if you are a professional.
With the use of an air pistol seen as a humane dispatch method.

The good news for us is the summer harvests are in and the fields already plowed.
Well sort of.
The field rats are now looking for new sources of food.
That would be anywhere near the fields i.e. townships.
Lucky, lucky, us! (Not).

Further to “Own the night”.

My attention has been drawn to an article in the military times headed:- How much longer will US and partner forces ‘own the night’ in combat?

Scribed in 2018,  I’m not going into ‘modern advances and super tooled out soldiers’ in the near future as I do think the modern armed forces have lost the knack of doing anything without high tech.

Skills like moving at night making good use of cover has been replaced by a heavy reliance on NGV’s to spot the other guy before they spot you. Add the use of IR target illuminators and an enemy equipped with NGV can not only see what you are pointing at but WHO IS POINTING.

As the article rightly says, the whole dynamic of night-work has changed if the enemy is similarly equipped to you.

Moving away from combat zones, regulars will know I’m very much into foraging. So how do I cope with low light, no light, CCTV.

I used to carry my own Gen 1 scope to spot any IR illuminators BUT technology has moved on so far, camera sensitivity is well into night vision without illumination. Add PIR systems and things aren’t as easy as they were say 20 years ago.

Now I did play with lasers to flood any cameras but after a close call found out that lasers, be they visible or IR beam, only work on a camera that is unfiltered with respect to what light they will react to. Add any flare out is an automatic trigger for a response if the monitoring center has a switched on crew on duty. Mag or colored flares also don’t work well as iris adjustment (think F-stop on an old version 33mm camera) and inbuilt IR filters, are so fast (if not instant) , unless you can set off a flare within a few feet from a lens, you’re largely wasting your time trying.

So what does work?
How much money has your target got?
If they are equipped with digital thermal imaging, not only can they see in total darkness, over a limited distance they can cope with light fog, light rain, and snow. They can virtually undress you no matter what you are wearing. Scary? You bet!

What’s left?
Caution, nothing I’m going to discuss is legal and is listed as things you should be aware of if fitting your own CCTV for home security or buying a NGV.

  • Blind Cameras and NGV.
    This is possible if the bad guy can generate enough power and include a fast switching spectrum of LASER color from old school red, green, blue, white, plus IR.  Torches can work but at night, but is that sensible? Somehow I think not.
    Note: Fitting a simple ‘flare out’ or camera not working detector is sufficient to raise the alarm if that happens.
  • Disable with Jammers —
    Wireless systems transmit their video in the UHF-SHF frequencies typically 900 Mhz, 1.2Ghz, 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz.
    Advanced ones use ‘jitter’ transmission where their frequency changes on the fly. To jam ANY of these needs you to carry a RF sniffer or CCTV HH test monitor to work out what they are using and the system of encryption.**As for how much power you need? LOTS, and VERY DIRECTIONAL.
    Note: **That in itself means you are unlikely to be able to blanket jam a multiple camera site.
  • What can you do about IP (computer networked) camera’s.
    I’m talking hacking here and it’s doable especially with the smart phones of today BUT AGAIN, once you know the IP, you still need to  blast over the signal the camera is sending in the vague hope you can ‘freeze out’ it’s signals.
    Note: See above **.
  • Cutting Cables –
    Yep, doable. Only be warned, some are powered by mains electricity. In the rain cutting live cables is not a pastime I recommend and besides that, you need access to the cabling.
    Note: Don’t forget, most high security ones are battery and/or solar backed.
  • Spray Paint
    And the advent of the drone.
    Doable but it will trigger off any motion detectors.
    Noisy too as in my experience there is nothing as distinctive as the sound of a drone.
  • Stick a bag over it-
    Doable, as I have seen that done by a drone.
    See above for my thoughts on drones.
    Note: Thermal will still work without the correct type of bag.
  • Encourage pigeons.
    No, I’m not being flippant here as nothing ‘mucks’ up a camera like a coating if bird shit on the lens.
    Note: Which is why most CCTV have anti bird spikes.
  • Shoot the damn thing!
    Doable if you have the power and accuracy as most ‘security rated lenses’ have toughened glass and cases. Having said that, paintball is effective if someone has mixed a gelling agent to the paint.
    Note: Only most commercial ones have ‘windscreen wipers’ and some really expensive systems (I was pretty stunned by the first one I fitted) have a ‘washer’ system.

All italic notes may help in your assessment of what to fit and why.

What’s left? In the 2011 London riots those caught on CCTV were identified because they didn’t bother to take the minor protection of covering their faces and some wore VERY distinctive clothing. So, cover up and go gray!

Is that 100% Effective? NO and hell no nowadays!
As thermal imaging is so good now your facial shape and hair style, or if you are wearing glasses, is clear enough to use for a basic identification.  The description I heard used in a training seminar was that in operation a good camera virtually undresses a heat source. Um. they proved it too. So, if you are facing a mixed system i.e. IR, thermal digital, and optical, I’d simply go home before you are caught.

Whoops too late, it saw you.

How to move forward.
Covert surveillance. If they have CCTV, move on.
There will be other places.
HOWEVER, in a long term ‘grid down’ scenario, batteries will fail after a time, even if they are solar backed, the control room may or may not already be offline.
Note: 72 hours is a pretty useful guide if not fitted with solar.

So, how lucky do you feel?
I did a post a long time ago called “Looter”.
Some kind person described it as a good write up about infiltration. Personally, I wouldn’t go that far, but it was written from experience gained in another life and as a commercial security engineer.

It is biased towards a grid down scenario, but has a few pointers to aid foragers and survivors who would like to get in, re-supply, get out, unscathed, and live to see another day.

If you would like a copy, email me.

As always, the content of this post is for education and entertainment. DO NOT BREAK THE LAW.

All scenarios end and eventually you will have to stand before the man and explain why you did what you did. Worse case? You end up in a marshal law scenario stood up against a wall.

Think I’m kidding there? I mean at all??