Deleting Posts.

I have a bad habit of posting articles which aren’t anything to with my core interests. Those being prepping, self defense and weapons, and my pet ailment PTSD.

So, I’ve decided that It’s OK for me to ‘blow my top’ about things, but only for 24 hours, after which time “I’m deleting what I writ’.”

After all it does no good to talk about what the prats in power are doing to screw up the world. We all know what is going on, we usually hate it, but can do nothing about it even of we wanted to.

Why? Because we’re LITTLE PEOPLE.

So what if someone reads my scribbles and comments?
Good or bad I will reply.
If what I say makes sense and someone gains a bit of knowledge, I’m happy for you.

If not, you might be so angry you never come back.
Oo, The shock and horror. Let alone my ‘shattered ego’. (Chuckle)

Not that it would bother me as I never did play well with others.